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Planning your family the way you see fit is your right. If preventing pregnancy is a part of your family planning efforts, HELLOMED offers discreet birth control and contraceptive counseling services in the Ann Arbor, Michigan, walk-in clinic. To learn more about pregnancy prevention and birth control, visit the walk-in clinic, or schedule an appointment online or by phone.

Contraception Q & A

What is contraception?

Contraception, commonly known as birth control, is a method for preventing unwanted pregnancy. Birth control works in several ways:


These methods prevent sperm from meeting eggs. Options include diaphragms, condoms, cervical caps, and sponges.

Hormonal methods

These prevent ovaries from releasing eggs. Options include birth control pills, patches, shots, and vaginal rings.

Many contraceptive methods are available by prescription only, including birth control pills, patches, and shots. Condoms and diaphragms are available over the counter.

Condoms are the only birth control method proven effective for preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

What is the best contraceptive method for me?

Your doctor at HELLOMED reviews your medical history and your current sexual activity to determine the best method of contraception for your lifestyle. Factors influencing this choice include:

  • Your health
  • Your age
  • If you smoke
  • Frequency of sex
  • Number of partners
  • Family plans

Not all forms of birth control are suitable for everyone, and your doctor works closely with you to determine the best method. HELLOMED doesn’t offer intrauterine device (IUD) forms of birth control.

What are the benefits of birth control pills?

Your doctor may prescribe birth control pills that contain hormones to prevent pregnancy or as a treatment for other women’s health conditions, including menopause and endometriosis.

Benefits of hormonal birth control pills include:

  • Lighter menstrual periods
  • Fewer menstrual cramps
  • Reduced acne
  • Reduced growth of ovarian cysts
  • Lower risk of reproductive cancers

What are the risks of unprotected sex?

Engaging in sexual activity without birth control can result in an unwanted pregnancy. Many of the available contraceptive methods prevent pregnancy but not all protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

To protect yourself from STDs, you should practice safe sex using condoms. Birth control pills, patches, and shots don’t protect you from STD infection.

How effective are contraceptives?

It’s essential to use your method of birth control correctly to prevent pregnancy. Your doctor at HELLOMED provides in-depth counseling services to make sure you understand how to use your chosen method of birth control, including the consistent use of contraceptives each time you have sex.

To learn more about available birth control methods, schedule an appointment online or by phone.