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What is Telehealth? Through audio and video over the internet, you can meet with your clinician on-thego from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android) - it’s your choice! Telehealth allows us to connect anywhere with secure and convenient appointments that save you time and hassle. There’s no need to deal with traffic when you can schedule and attend your appointments directly from a laptop or mobile device. Benefits of Telehealth Here are a few of the research-based benefits to providing Telehealth services: • Increases access. Busy professionals and students or geriatric patients! Telehealth can play an important role in these communities by increasing accessibility. • Reduces costs for clients. Nearly all research suggests that Telehealth saves money when compared with traditional approaches to providing care. For clients, this often means lower copays, transportation costs, less time missed from work, and less money spent on child care expenses. • Same-level client care. No client outcome difference was found between Telehealth appointments and face-to-face office visits. • Better client experience. Telehealth eliminates the wasted time traveling and sitting in the waiting room. SERVICES 1. Established patients that we have their initial visit records 2. Conditions including: - Sickness: UTI, Pink Eye, Skin conditions, Minor sore throat - Medication refill for chronic disease conditions - Counselling: Smoking cessation, Weight management, contraception, menopause - Wellness counselling - Follow up counselling: Adverse effects, Change or Addition of medications 3. Service duration: 15 – 25 minutes 4. Currently available between 11 am – 4 pm. We plan to extend hours and services. How to make an appointment - Just call or go to our web site www. Hello-med.com and schedule online appointment. Put a note of requesting video appointment. - We will e-mail or text you a link. - If you join on a desktop or laptop computer follow the link - If you join on a smartphone or tablet pc Download Telehealth by SimplePractice (for iOS or Android) in the app store. More detailed information on how to join video appointment please check hellomed.com.